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In Memoriam


Ronald J. Watkins, Doctor of Chiropractic

June, 2007

In 2007 we lost Dr. Ronald J. Watkins at the ripe age of 92. Dr. Watkins was among the pioneering group of Chiropractors who came to Thailand in the mid-1990s at 83 years of age after a long and successful career in California. He was the first Chiropractor to establish a clinic in Pattaya. He continued to work full time until shortly before his death, a feat rarely achieved in any profession at that age, but almost unheard of in the Chiropractic field due to the physical demands of Chiropractic practice. Dr. Watkins was one of the key presenters when we gave our formal presentation on Chiropractic at the Ministry of Public Health in 1998. He is pictured in the center of the table of presenters in the picture below. Dr. Watkins longevity was a source of inspiration to all his Chiropractic colleagues in Thailand.


Steve Chenowith, Doctor of Chiropractic

April, 2014

It is with a heavy heart that we report the passing of Dr. Steve R. Chenowith. Dr. Steve was an early member of the Association, joining about 2 years after the formation of the Association. He was a committed member of the association, rarely missing a meeting. Steve provided key advice on the way forward derived from his many years of practice in the United States, prior to coming to Thailand.

In addition to his contribution to the profession here in Thailand, Steve also was committed to missionary work as a pastor of Eternal Life Church, here in the Bangkok. His mission was devoted to caring for children. His church was a safe haven, providing shelter, education and, most of all, hope in God’s word.


Don Nakaya Nielsen, Doctor of Chiropractic

August, 2017

It is with great shock that we must report the death of Dr. Don Nakaya Nielsen at the age of 58. While Dr. Don was never  a member of the Thailand Chiropractic Association, he deserves mention because he was one of the first Chiropractors to come to practice in Thailand in the mid-1990s and he was well known in the Chiropractic scene.  Prior to coming to Thailand, Don had a career as a Kickboxer in Japan.


David Pack, Doctor of Chiropractic

September, 2018

It is my sorrowful duty to report to the Chiropractic community that we have lost another of our Chiropractic colleagues.  Dr. David Pack from Pattaya has passed away. David was one of our founding members joining in 1998 when we got the association started.

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